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Since the establishment of Yongtong, there were many difficulties and challenges on the development road, however, Yongtong was not defeated by them, and the difficulties and challenges made Yongtong’s staff more strong-minded and more confidential. After sixty years, Yongtong has developed its own company culture. In the new era, Foundation, Cooperation and Accordance are Yongtong’s longing core value.

Foundation means the basis and detailed work. Foundation shall be the company management emphasis and main platform. The grass-root management unit shall pay closest attention to the foundation. The company culture will be fully reflected in the foundation work.
        Cooperation means a consciousness of cooperation and the associative perception. Cooperation lay stress on the importance of subordinating personal interests to collective ones , interests of the part to those of the whole.  
         Accordance means every staff shall have the same subject and unite together to realize it. Accordance will become the great power to help Yongtong develop.