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Angang Group Ductile Cast Iron Pipe co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Yongtong”) is a subsidiary of Anyang Iron & Steel Group Co., Ltd. On December 30, 2005 Angang Group Ductile Cast Iron Pipe co., Ltd. merging with Angang Group Shuiye Iron & Steel co., Ltd. (formerly Angang Group Shuiye Iron Plant) established the new “Yongtong”, which is now Henan's largest production base for ductile iron pipe and casting and ductile iron. 

Yongtong lies in a famous town named Shuiye in zhongzhou 22 kilometers away from Anyang. The world cultural heritage, Yinxu, is at the City of Anyang. The Oracle, Chinese oldest character, is discovered in the City of Anyang.

May 1, 1958,

The first modern blast furnace smelting of hot metal flow from Yongtong (formerly Angang Group Shuiye Iron Plant), Henan prelude to the development of modern iron and steel industry began .

December 20, 2001,

The first ductile cast iron pipe generated in Yongtong, this first ductile is also the first one in the central plains.

March 28, 2011,

The pellet plant, using the technology of grate and rotary kiln, constructed by both Angang Group and Brazil's CVRD, started to produce.

Yongtong possesses 2 blast furnaces with 450 Cubic meter , 3 sets of 3000kw blast furnace gas generator and 6 ductile iron pipe centrifugal machines. Yongtong possesses a strong production capacity, 1.3 million tons casting and ductile iron and 0.4 million tons ductile iron pipe, the diameter ductile iron pipe is from 80mm to 1200mm

We adopt the present international advanced technology to produce our main products, ductile iron pipe. The pipes are produced and tested in strict accordance with ISO2531. According to the customers different requirement, the ductile pips inside can be lined with cement, epoxy resin, ceramics, the outside can be coated with the epoxy resin. Our products is with good toughness, corrosion resistance, easy installation and other advantage, which is widely used in water supply, drainage and other industries. Our products has been exported to more than 30 countries and regions. In the domestic and international markets our products have high visibility, reputation and market share. And  we have passed the ISO9001 quality system certification and ISO2531, ISO4179, ISO8179, EN545, EN598, BS6920-kind certification.

The pig iron for casting is of high quality and it has the features of low P, low S and low Mn. our pig iron has been used by lots of foundry enterprises, and has been awarded by the province government and the related ministry many times.

Yong Tong company has a number of high-quality management personnel and technical elite, and a well-trained workforce, the company's existing mid-level professional and technical personnel is more than 234 titles, including 43 senior titles, 2 Professors of Engineering, 2 experts enjoying government subsidies , 30 senior technicians,  70  technicians.

Yongtong has successively won such honor titles as the Province's Quality Management Advanced Enterprises, the Quality Service Credit AAA (enterprise), the Honest and Good Faith-Key Protection Units, the Outstanding Contribution Enterprise, the Henan Best (advanced) Enterprises, the "Henan Star" Best (advanced ) enterprises, the China Top 10 Famous Brand Products of Cast Iron Pipe, the Chinese Famous Brand, Famous Brand of Henan Province, the Henan High-Quality Products, the Free-Inspection Products in Henan Province, Henan Province Quality Management Advanced Enterprise, the Outstanding Contribution Enterprise to Water Utilities in Henan Province, Henan Casting Industry Leaders, Henan Labor Awards. 

Yongtong regards self-development as a top priority, and vigorously promote the level of equipment and competitive strength. The product quality is fundamental for Yongtong’s development and survival. We see the user as our God.  We will forge ahead with determination. The reform will be our driving force, talents and company culture will be our support. We will cooperate and make progress and enhance development and create brilliant tomorrow together with the majority of users, the universal friends!